Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Last few days

Have been riding getting ready for the Mohican race. Went to Mohican state park Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I was by myself and rode at my own pace to start and once I warmed up and my body snapped into racing mode I ended up with the fastest lap I've ever done there 2:37:25. Later in the summer I'm going to try for a 2:30 time. I'm not like a bunch of the guys I ride with, they can jump on the bike and go fast from the get-go. I'm like a diesel engine, I need time to warm-up and let my body get into a grove. I've always been like this, even after I warm up for a race it takes me a while to get going. Saturday I was able to hang with Ray, Ken and Frank until the parking lot at the top of the mountain thanks to the pace they were riding at. After that my legs told me it was time to go slow.
Today (5/20/09) rode in to work and what a great morning to ride. Not many cars passed me and I dressed perfect. It's great to see the sun shinning so early in the morning. Let you know tonight how the ride home went.

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