Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What's up

Haven't posted for a few days figured is time to post again. The last few days have been busy but I've been lazy too when it comes to sit down in front of the computer to blog. I have been trying to log hours on the bike in preparation for the Mohican 100K race. My goal is to do it in under 7 hours. If it rains it could get really ugly. Over the years I've done several endurance events but nothing longer than 50 miles. I still remember my first endurance event back in the mid 80's like if it was yesterday. It was called the Punxsutawney 50 and it was horses runners and bikers. I don't know if they still have it. It was all word of mouth and I haven't been able to find if it' still alive. The horses took off first then the bikers and finally the runners. I never saw a horse and I lapped a bunch of runners. Finished 13th out of about 50-60 riders. Not many people did long races back then. I've always liked them but my preparation back then wasn't very good in terms of nutrition. Just before the race I had a couple of donuts and gatorade. Wow, breakfast of champions. In my pockets I had candy and a pbj sandwich. The funny thing is I don't remember bonking or not having energy.

Anyway, Saturday I went out for a ride at 11am and I got caught in huricane force winds. It was a suffer fest, survival of the fittest. A couple of times I almost got thrown off the bike by a cross wind. rode again Sunday morning for a couple of hours and other than my hamstring tightening up a bit I felt good. Monday I rode to work since it's ride to work week and felt good in the morning and in the afternoon my legs felt very heavy. To top it all off I had head winds again.

Today I just did my Spinning class and I'm riding to work tomorrow.
I've been trying to take pictures while I ride but most of them don't come out right.

The Giro De Italia started Saturday and already an american rider is out. Christian Vandevelde got caught in a crash and was hurt really bad. Broken ribs and a bruised tail bone. There goes the Tour da France for him. It's going to be painful to take a deep breath. But Levi and Lance are in the top 10 in the early stages of the race and after the first mountain stage today. We'll see how they do as the race goes into the second week.
Let you know about tomorrows commute tomorrow of course.

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