Monday, May 14, 2012

week worth

Had a good week hrs and miles wise with close to 300 miles last week and feeling it today. Thought about riding in but my legs and body thought otherwise. The kicker was Mohican on Saturday. I was in the parking lot getting ready and a young guy from Columbus pulls in and we start talking and rode out together. Within the first mile I was at 90% and he wasn't going as fast as he could. I just can't start that fast right away, I need to ease into the ride and then pick it up. Anyways, I told myself this is a good test fro TSE and decided to go at his pace until I that moment whene you feel like blowing up. On our way down to the covered bridge he took a spill on the downhill but was up and riding againg like nothing happened. We got to the covered bridge and I pulled my first aid kit out cleaned up his wounds and check his bike. Very nice frame that when I first saw it I thought it was a carbon frame. His rear brake was rubbing and the wheel wasn't spinning good. We decided to take the road up and then hit the pine section and I was glad, my legs finally rebelled agains me and I fell back on the climb right away. He waited for me at the parking lot and we hit the pines. That's a great section of trail and a lot of fun to ride.
The welds are perfect and looking at it from a rolling bike it looked like carbon. We hit the parking lot and the Cannondale demo rig was there.
I wanted to ride a full suspension Jekyll but it was getting to late and yard work was calling me.
Thought about hitting Mohican again  on Sunday with Ken but I'm glad I didn't go because I would have taken the short cut of shame instead of the call of shame. I went to Reagan after church and did one lap and was cooked. Very glad I didn't go to Mohican. I just rode very sow and admired the blooming flowers all over the place.

Taking today completely off and commuting all week to work.
Get out and ride.

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