Thursday, May 31, 2012

The journey ends

I have to say I'm very disappointed I'm not going to finish TSE. I have been feeling pain on my side from day one but kept on pushing the issue. The prologue wasn't long but it was a hard 10 miles. Around the mid point I had chain suck issues and after I fixed it, I hustled hard to get that time back and I could feel the effort on my side (ribs). I pumped myself full of pain killers and got ready for the next day, 40+ miles of 90's and humidity that you could cut it with a knife including the hike a bike from hell. Over a mile of pushing and carrying the bike over rocks, big rocks, roots, logs name it it was there. The single track was the same and I rode most of it, just find a line and let the bike roll over it. The last mile took us back to the same hill we came down during the prologue, a hard 1k climb and a short descent back to the finish. The second stage was basically a road race with about 5 miles of rocky single track. It was a stage of relentless climbing all day long. 1,2,3 mile long climbs. Not real steep but steep enough to hurt you all the way up. Made it to the finish and my back locked up and my ribs were hurting from all the pulling and standing up to climb. The race doctor pumped me full of ibuprofen and I took care of my legs all evening getting ready for the next day. The next day came and I felt good and looking forward to the Raystown stage, one of my favorite places to ride on the east. Basically a bmx track on steroids. Lots of roller coaster ups and downs all machine made single track. The stage started and I was well positioned when we hit the single track and the pace was furious but I was feeling good until I stood up to power over a short climb and snap, I knew right away I was done and had 13 more miles to finish the lap. I crawled out the woods knowing my race was over. Went to dinner said my goodbyes went back to the cabin and went to bed, I would pack up in the morning after breakfast. I'm not signing up for the race next year but I know I'll be back to redeem myself, it is hard stage race but I enjoyed it.


  1. So I'm coming out of trails at Greembrier and I see this couple walking 4 dogs not on leashes; they are also exiting the park. The guys dogs run up to me, they were friendly, but not on leashes. He then proceeds to tell me this is not a park entry spot. I tell him he is wrong it IS a park entry,and why is he using it? I tell him to get used to it, he is completely wrong. These people want it both ways; they think they live on a private street and they want only park access for themselves. I am not encouraging anyone to use this route, but I will continue to access the trails at this point. The people on Greenbrier try to buffalo everyone that only they can use that access spot, don't let them.

    Bill T

  2. I know what you mean. I've been going in that way and they are not going to stop us. Its a public street.