Monday, May 21, 2012

The Knob and me just don't agree

Went to Vultures Knob in Wooster to do a couple of laps and ende up with one lap. That place and I just do not agree. The last time I rode ther was 4 years ago. I go there to help with the races but never to ride. Every time I go I crash. Yesterday i crashed twice and got stung by a bee. Got a nasty cut and bruise on my sheen and another nasty bruise on my big toe.

Beautiful feet I may say.
And all this coming one week before I leave for TSE.
The first crash was because I didn't cut the handlebars down from 26"" to 23".  and I nicked a tree and went down hard. The second one was on a turn when I hit a lip and down again. After that it was "forget this" I'm just going to make it back and go home, which I did. Got home took a shower can't remember what else I did and around 3 I decided to finally cut the handlebars and headed down to the new trail in my neighbohood to poach it since it is still closed until the gran opening in June. I needed somewhere to keep on dialing in the new bike, Oh yes, I forgot, I picked up the new bike on Friday and went to Mohican on Saturday to test it out. Very stiff and handles well. I'll know more fater the race next week. The Kenda slant six tires I chose rode well but I'm still not sold on them, I may change to my Specialized ground controls before te race if I don't like them after I ride them a couple more times this week. Bike pics soon.

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