Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Coming into form...I think

A week and a half until I head to PA for the start of TSE. I've had 2 weeks of hard riding with one more day coming tomorow and start tapering all of next week. My legs can feel the load and the stress I have put them under the last two weeks. Rode in yesterday and today to work getting two long days on the saddle lke last week. yesterday was a descent day and my legs didn't scream much until the last 5-7 miles. Going up 130th I shifted into my 39 and just spun my way up, I knew I had a good day. Today started mellow until blinking lights be dammed. Saw a blinking light in front of me and like a carrot on a stick I had to chase. I caught up to the rider which I have rode with him in the morning before by the golf course in Broadview Heights. He's a teacher in the Brecksville school district and commutes to work often. We rode together until we hit 21 and split off. Down the valley, up the valley and the legs were hurting from the effort I putting to catch him. Spun my way to the Bedford reservation and all of the sudden my legs felt great again and I just let them go and do their work. Made it to work in 1:52 which is 7 minutes faster than my normal times. I need a shorter commute in the morning!!!
Looking forward to hitting Reagan park tomorrow and possibly picking up my new frame all built up for the race. Rest day Friday and hitting Mohican again on Saturday.
Get out and RIDE. have a great day everyone.

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