Friday, September 30, 2011

What a way to start the day and 36 inch wheels

With maybe my last race (thinking about a 6hr race next weekend) tomorrow, I haven't been riding to hard or long this week. This week went like this:
Sunday: off
Monday: AM weights, core work. PM 45 mins on the trainer
Tuesday: spinning class, core work
Wednesday: 1.5 hrs on the SS in the park
Thursday: Spinning class, weights, core work
Not much training going on for a 40 mile race.
the plan was for 45 mins on the trainer in the early am. got up at 4:45, headed downstairs, read the daily word, put a pot of coffee on. Got a cup of java and headed to the other downstairs, set up my little table with the remote, glasses, coffee. I start pulling the thick mat that my trainer is on and hit the table, coffee spills on the carpet, run upstairs to get cleaner, grab a rag from my bike stuff workbench. Clean it all up, now is only 30 mins of fast spinning, adrenalin is going. Feel good I didn't say a cuss word, took it all in stride and was very calm. Then...I look at the spot I spilled the coffee and it looks kind of dark, I finished the 30 min. spin and grab the rag to rub the spot some more and then...It was the rag I used the last time I cleaned the chain, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, run upstairs again for the cleaner and a clean rag, spot clean again and it looks better. Can't wait until I get home and see what it looks like dry. I'm sure my wife will let me know as soon as she goes downstairs to workout tonight and sees the spot.
Hope your day started better.

To other things now, like 36 inch wheels.
check this video courtesy of Sir bikes a lot blog.

36 in wheeled bike! from Sir Bikes on Vimeo.

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