Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New commuting pack

I'm always looking for the perfect commuting pack and when you think you've found it, you have to go for it. I like small commuting packs that I can shove a lot of stuff in them. For the time being I think I found the perfect one.
Notice I already clipped one of my blinking lights on it. This pack expands has a big enough main compartment plus a small zippered pocket to put an extra tube, tool kit and your valuables. It sits away from your back letting air between the pack and your back flow through. You can wear it high or low and it doesn't swing too much like some of the other packs I have.

 It expands and has two large side pockets for extra bottles, phone,food, gun, knife.
 Meshed back that sitsaway from your back and lets the air flow and a confortable waist belt.
 One nice feature is the built in rain cover, not that I'm planning on commuting in the rain but it is nice to have. I don't know if it'll be big enough for cold weather commuting with all the crap I wear and carry with me so I'll have to keep my eye out for a bigger one.
Tried it out yesterday on my commute to work and fit me perfect, didn't move much and was able to stick my hands in my jersey pockets without having to unclip the waistbelt, which is a must for me.

Fall is almost here, is in the air. Have a great day.

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