Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh oh

Fall has made an early appearance and with it it has brought rain. Seems like just a few weeks ago we were dealing with early to late spring rain and muddy trails. This morning I saw leaves turning a different color other than green.
Got up at 4:46 am this morning for my commute in to work and what was on the radar, "rain". It was dry in Strongsville but the local radar showed rain in BH, Brecksville Sagamore, Solon, etc, you get the point. All dressed (yes, came downstairs all ready to go) an nowhere to go I thought about heading out and riding the neighborhood streets but instead I went downstairs and spun on the trainer for a half hour, what a drag. I guess I'll head to Bonnie park tonight and do a few intervals up the closed section of Albion rd. on my SS. Anyway, I made a good decision, the roads were soaked all the way from BH to Solon.
Had a good week of riding last week and made it to Mohican for the first time in a month. The trails were perfect as I rode the SS just for fun. Thinking about going again either Friday or Saturday afternoon if the rain holds.
I have a few more days of hard riding and then easy until my last race of the year in Michigan next week.
I started my spinning classes again on Tuesday and had a good crowd, hopefully a good sign for the rest of the fall/winter session.
Have a great day.

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