Friday, July 22, 2011

Down in the valley

After Sundays race I took a day off and rode on Tuesday night and my legs were still very sore, so I took a couple more days off. Actually with the volume of work i got at work this week and getting ready for the trip south, I hardly had time to get on the bike. The wife and I decide that it was best for me to ride to work Friday morning so she could pick me up at 5 and head south from there. Just my luck that it was my Friday to be the whole day person in the office this week. Anyway, I rode the 29er to work since I'm only taking the mtb's with me. I haven't been able to hit the river ford by the train station since the heavy rains that we had this week and today I could see why it is still closed. the pics dont really show how bad it is, they only give you an idea. Jeff A had told me and sent me pics, but you have to see it with your own eyes to imagine how hard the water was running. Just look at the pic where the slab of pavement seemed to float away from the ford.

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