Monday, July 25, 2011

Travel, hotel, food

Took off to FL. Friday late afternoon and made it to the motel at 10:30. I was instantly po, it was a dump. I had heard from reliable sources that Americas Best Value was good and cheap. Well this place wasn't and we couldn't go anywhere else. It was like watching a Jerry Springer show. Never again, $86 for a dump. I'll pay $150 somewhere else. Saturday we were out of there by 7am and drove 14 hrs and both my wife amd my back are killing us. We soon realize we are not that young anymore. Yesterday I took my niece and husband to Santos for their first ever mountain bike ride and they loved it and I knew it. The bike store didn't open until 1 so she rode her street Hybrid like somebody that has done it before. They were already taking about taking their kids and nephews there to ride again.
Last night we went out to eat and when we go out I normally order my favorite, "ribs" eat half take half home. Not last night, everything went including 3 glasses of lemonade and boston cream pie. Paid dearly for it at 3am and I will not go into details. Was planning on going to the Croom trails today but I'm doing whatever the wife wants to do today, it's her turn. Right now I'm at Starbucks drinking tea trying to get my stomach settled.
Talk ya later.

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