Sunday, July 10, 2011

Friday night game, Saturday morning pain and Sunday relief

Working in International Sales has some perks once in a while. A freight forwarding company that my company has been working with for over 20 years, celebrated their 25 birthday  at Progresive field on Friday night.

 They always invite several people in my company and I was one of the lucky ones. Two suites, lots of good food and drink. My lovely wife and I mad the pilgramage to the ball park for the first time in about 4 years. I forgot what a beautiful ball park it is. I don't eat hotdogs but it is Un-American to go to a game and not have a hotdog and a beer, so I had two of each.
Didn't stay for the fire woks and went to bed at 11pm to get up at 5am and be at Mohican ready to ride at 7:30. What a pain when the alrm went off, I almost stayed home thinking I could go later. But I couldn't pass off a beating from Ken and Ray. We took off and luckily Ken always sets a good warm-up pace for a few miles instead of taking off like a maniac like "others" we ride with do. Once they felt warm enough the pace started to pick up but not me, I needed the whole damm trail to warm-up. I would have been happy to ride at the warm-up pace the entire 25 miles. Very little sleep and food you are not used to eating the night before will do that for you. I was in pain, my back was killing me but there'was no way I was going to let them know I was suffering. If I did, they probably would have picked up the pace to make me suffer more, they are real nice guys I swear. Once at the top of the mountain I found some relief and was able to recover some on the way down. Every little climb was starting to bother me now and they pu a little gap on me on the last rock garden strech and I thought about bagging it there and just ride at my own place but I refused to quit or slow down, I chased hard for half a mile until I caught up and rode together the last few miles. Good hard ride with good company. At times it was like a freight train going through the woods, each one of us glued to each others wheels at race pace. 
Today I just went out for an easy 1.5 hrs at Reagan park to strech the legs and recover from yesterday. I was able to just enjoy the ride at an easy pace. And I'm glad it was arecovery day, it was 91 when I rode today.
A couple more semi-hard days this week and then slow it down until race day on Sunday in Damascus, Virginia.

Have a great week.

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