Friday, January 8, 2010

The week after

The week after vacation is tough, specially if you were in a warm place and rode 256 miles in 9 days on your mountain bike. You can't help but dream you were still riding. It was tough to get going this week, but I did.
I took Friday off and hit the gym Saturday afternoon on Sunday it was 1hr on the trainer, am Monday I hit the gym in the am and in the pm another hr with 40 minutes of intervals on the trainer. Tuesday and Thursday spin classes and leg weights. I even managed to run twice this week for 20 minutes each time. I love running, my back just can't take too much of it anymore. Today I took off early from work and went to the gym for 1 hr in the pm. Tomorrow I have 3 spinning classes and core work after. I still don't know what I'm going to do Sunday. I have to sit down and come up with a plan for the year. Yeah, Yeah I should have done it a while back. By the way, I didn't loose any weight and I ate everything they put in front of me but I didn't gain any extra weight either. I'm still 4 lbs from my racing weight of 138 but I already lost 1 lb. I'm just watching what I eat and trying to eat less, I have until April.
I wonder what Z Man is doing now...

Here's some more vacation pictures. This is my friend Mats from Sweden, our Sales Manager for Europe the Middle East and Africa. They traveled 26 hrs to get to PR but they are really enjoying their time. We met with them the day before we left since they had just arrived the day before and were still tired.

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