Saturday, January 16, 2010

A day of winter blahs and winter gear

Temps in the high 30's this morning meant a 2 hour ride. I almost didn't make it out, got up at 7am but had been awake for a while just laying there thinking on ways to push myself out of bed and out the door. No energy, no desire to go anywhere. Yep, another bout of low hemoglobin, low iron, anemia whatever you want to call it. Haven't had one in a while, they seem to come out of nowhere and hit me hard. Got up had breakfast, got dressed which this time of the year is another chore unto itself and then just puts around for a while but made it out and drove to the park, I didn't know how the roads leading there were so I drove. Pulled the bike out of the car got ready and then little things seem to happen just to PO you. Locked the car put the key in the backpack, left the gloves inside the car. Take the backpack off look for the key, get the gloves lock and...the sunglasses are laying on the front seat. Same routine lock again and the bottles are still in the bag inside the car, I almost threw everything back in the car and went home. Finally I hit the road and went down to the valley up Snowville and back to the park, got back to the car and still had another 20 minutes to hit the 2hrs so I rode another 20 minutes to hit the 2hrs. Went home changed had something to eat and went to the Rec Ctr to fix spinning bikes. Now I'm just going to relax and watch the football games.
Some of the stuff I wore or took with me today.
tights, under armour, long sleve jersey, jacket and team vest. I threw a light jacket and an extra pair of gloves in the pack.

Pearl Izumi winter shoes and booties.
Some of the gloves I use depending on how cold the day is going to be. When I ride the MTB I carry my backpack with extra gloves and I even throw in an extra under armour jersey to change if I get to sweaty. If the temo is in the high 40's and no wind most of the time I just wear shorts and leg or kne warmers. But this time of the year the temps hold steady in the 30's for most of January and February.
I may join the guys tomorrow morning for a ride to the Polo fields and back. They are starting from the train station but I'll ride from home and that should give me about 4 hrs. I bought iron pills today so hopefully I won't have a problem getting up tomorrow.

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