Monday, January 4, 2010

Back Home lll

I forgot to mentioned that on our scheduled stop in Philly our flight was delayed 40 minutes and my daughter saw the lugage crew taking my bike away because it didn't fit in the cargo hold. The plane was a smaller one than the one we took from Clevelan to Charlotte. I'm glad I taped the heck out of that box with 3 inch shipping tape, it was raining hard and they put the box down and the bottom got wet. The tape was the only thing holding the box together. We got to Cleveland and filed a missing luggage report and we got the bike delivered the next day. That's not all, we boarded the plane and USAir overbooked and somebody else was in my seat and the guy was quickly getting irritated because he wasn't going to give up his seat. I told him it wasn't our fault, it was the airlline and he didn't say anything else. I really can't blame him since he had ben at the airport for 6 hours because they cancelled 3 flights because not enough passengers, that's what you get with USAir. Never again, I'm not saving $50 to on a plane ticket to go through all this trouble. After everybody was on board there was 3 seats available and we made it home. My daughters boyfriend was waiting for us and surprised her, awwwww.

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