Sunday, January 24, 2010


Have been very lazy blogging lately. I sit in front of the computer and think about things to write and just log out. At least training is going well. Have done something for the last 10 days straight. Rode for 2:15 yesterday and today put in another 2:10 in the rain on the single speed road bike, I almost had a heart attack climbing the parkway to Ridge road, a 42-18 is not a 10% hill climbing gear. I almost didn't go out, I got up at 7 and it was still dry, when I opened the garage door it was starting to rain. I took off anyway and just like yesterday, I forgot my bottles. Yesterday I called the wife and she drove to where I was and brought me the bottles. Today, she was already on her way to church so I figure I'll go a few more miles and turn around and go home. I got to route 82 and went up to the gas station and bought a bottle of water, turne around and kept going until I met Ken  and Chuck coming the other way on the parkway and turn around once more and rode back with them. I rode to the covered bridge and started on my way home, Ken kept going Chuck had started earlier and was al;ready on his way home. I thought about riding longer with Ken but I'm glad I didn't my gloves were soaked and when I switched to a new pair they were also wet. Somehow water got into the bag and got them wet. Stopped at Brueggers bagels and you should have seen the look in peoples faces when I walked in soaked to the bone in full rain gear. It's like, just because you are afraid to go out when it rains doesn't mean I'm going to stay indoors. Two hrs in the rain beats 1hr on the trainer anytime.
Now is almost 1 in the afternoon and the rain stopped and it's clearing, go figure, the weather channel said rain all day. Leave you with a few winter shots I took a week ago.

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