Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weather shock

The weather has hit us hard in Northeast Ohio, some areas received 18 inches of snow in two days. The lake Erie snow machine is working overtime. On my side of town we only got about half a foot. Driving to work yesterday was an adventure unto itself. The roads were very icy and in some places it looked like they had never been plowed. I left the gym at 6am and got to work at 7:40 when it normally takes me about 45-50 minutes. Going down a slight downhill at less than 30 mph the driver in front of me must have hit an icy patch lost control and hit a light pole, the transformer blew up and that side of the road lost power. On another stretch of road that started with a slight incline to a small hill, it took us almost 25 minutes to drive 2 tenths of a mile. everytime the car in front of me stepped on the gas it started fish tailing and then the lady would tap the brakes. I kept telling myself, don't do that, just let it roll up the hill, when we finally made it to the top, as soon as it was flat she turned into the first driveway and put her head on the steering wheel, I felt her pain, it was that bad. I have an all wheel drive Vibe and I was dancing all over the place too. From there on I stuck to the main roads which weren't any better but made it to work in one pc. and watch more snow come down all day long. The road crews did a great job for the afternoon drive home, the roads were all in good shape.

From this...

to this.

And from this... to this. Even the dog is working out inside, doing his daily walk on the treadmill. Temps in the teens and windchills well below that means it's trainer time.

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