Monday, April 30, 2012

The new frame is in the house

The new frane came in a week ago and the parts are being ordered this week.
It is the Intense Hard Eddy 29er hard tail. It is the only hard tail frame that intense has produced. The color scheme was done to only two frames and Ross got the other one.
Only two frames in this color scheme in the USA or the world if it matters.
Feast your eyes on this beauty.

I was going to buy another Jamis and Jason at the Edge kinf of "talked me" into looking at this frame and "love was in the air" from the time I laid my eyes on it.
Here's the whole story, I wanted to buy another 29er but with my daughters wedding coming it was out of the question. My wife and I had talked about waiting a couple of years until she retired from school to buy another bike and it was a fair proposal. Guess what, she's retiring at the end of May, I get a new bike, what a deal. That woman is an angel, I love you honey.
Hopefully it'll be ready in a couple of weeks so I can take it out to the trails and dial it in before going to TSE. I'll be taking both bikes to TSE which is what I wanted from the time I signed up.


  1. and u think another bike frame is gonna make u faster? take a pill go lance

    1. i won't make me faster or better that anybody else, but I'll look a lot better than you riding it.