Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pf Flyers and Huffy Radio Bike

Was planning on riding in to work on Monday but a small flood in the basement on Sunday changed that.
All taken care off.
Tuesday was my spinning class in the morning and hit the new trail in Strongsville for a couple of laps. it's not finished and when it is is going to be nice just to ride 2 miles from my house and I'm on the trail.
Today, I wore my PF Flyers,
and rode my Huffy-radio bike to work. Too bad it only has am radio, no pm radio for the afternoon commute.


  1. I wish there were trails rideable distance from my house. As it is, I have at least a 30 minute drive, more if there's traffic. It's closer to my work though, so I've actually started keeping a folding bike in the trunk of my car. If I can sneak out of work a little early, it's only maybe 15 minutes

  2. whatever it takes to get some time on the bike is good.

  3. If you ever decide to sell your radio bike let me know. Andy