Friday, April 13, 2012

Frosty commute

I knew if I rode in to work today it was going to be cold. And yes, it was cold. My toes are still defrosting, I need to steal a heater or two from one of my co-workers. She keeps about ten of them under her desk and keeps the cube farm warm and toasty. The fuses blow up a lot during the cold days of winter when she turns all of them on and the place turns into a sauna. I guess she's a "hot" person.
Better leave it alone before I'm turn in to Human Resources for "heater harrasment'.
Where was I? Oh yes, cold ride in today plus a struggle just to turn the peadals. My legs felt like lead amd my back was screaming every time I climbed and my ^%%* route does have a lot of climbs. i thgough about stopping and taking a couple of pics but if I did I probably would have sat there until somebody called 911, that's how bad I felt and probably looked too. It took me two hrs and 10 minutes for 31 hilly miles when I'm normally under two even on my worst days. Can't wait until the commute  home tonight, it's going to be fun.
Time to work, go out and ride today, even if it hurts.

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  1. I'm glad it's getting to the warmer time of year though, even if it still is chilly in the morning. Some days, when I'm not feeling up for the whole ride, I drive part of the way to work. I keep a folding bike in my trunk, so if I feel like riding, I always have the option. And I can choose how far I want to ride too.