Monday, April 16, 2012

No commute today

Really wanted to ride in to work today, but a heavy wind advisory took the sails from under me.
On my schedule yesterday was 3hr 80-100rpm ride yesterday at no more than 70% and the wind was blowing at 25-35mph and I was being tossed around like a flying squirrel. Today the wind gusts are supposed to be up to 50mph's and I'm not about to be blown into the path of a mobile, texting, look at my apple phone soccer mom/dad. I had everyting ready, got up at 4:30, heard the wind through my trees in the front yard and headed downstairs for a 45 min. workout. This is not what I wanted for today but it'll give me a chance to go get team Hammer order at the shop and split it up. After i finish that I can do and easy hr on the rollers watching the "Hell of the North" again, that's Paris/Roubaix race for you non classics crowd. I love that DVR. Hey, maybe I can watch the last episode of the "Walking Dead" which I still haven't watch, my favorite tv show.
COMING SOON: a look at my new sexy frame which there's only two in the US and Ross and I got them. Give you a hint: Intense.

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