Saturday, April 16, 2011

Soccer season

Haven't had much time to write or simply, I didn't feel like it. Soccer season started last week which means, setting up goals for the 4-6 year olds. This is basically my part time job since I get paid $50 every saturday for putting them up and taking them down for 8 Saturdays in the spring and fall. Cycling needs money. Not bad you'll say, well, is not as easy or simple as it sounds. It takes me at least 4-5 hrs of the day with 10 fields to set up. Why don't we leave them up for the season? These are small goals and at $500 a pop I don't want them to dissapear overnight, sad to say but the truth. I used to ref youth leagues and High School and it was good cycling money but I like this gig better. It pays good and the goals don't yell at you if you don't stake them or the nets are a liitle bit crooked. I was able to drive the car on the fileds and drop off the bags and that made it easier than last week when I had to carry everything in.

Funny thing I heard today, this guy drives in with his 3 kids and proceeds to tell his 4-5 year olds to stay out of the mud.; what  car is he driving, a 40k Lexus to a muddy soccer field, good luck with that. I wanted to say something but I bit my tongue and held back instead.
Had a good week of riding with almost 11 hrs. Not that many hrs but the efforts were good. This year I'm not even writing anything I do like I've done most of my competitive life. I've been hurt for the last 3 summers and only done a handful of races so I decided to train hard as I feel and just have fun. My first off road race is coming in fast, May 14th in Michigan, a 6 hrs race part of the Michigan endurance cup.
At the end of the month I'm flying down to Florida with the Toad King to drive back his car from his vacation home there. We are taking our bikes and hitting the trails there for a couple of days then heading up to Ellijay in Georgia, riding there and then our last stop in Asheville, NC to hit Bent Creek again. Good training before my first race.
Well time to peel off the carpet from the family room, Monday the floor man is coming to install the same flooring we have in our kitchen / breakfast area and I'm to cheap to pay $100 to have him do it.

Have a great weekend whatever you are doing.

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