Monday, April 25, 2011

Rain, rain...

The prediction is warmer temps with more rain until Thursday. Is going to be single speed with fenders tonight on the bike path. Just the hardy souls will come out to play this evening so the bike path should be all mine.  Yesterday I thought about riding for an hr or 2 after church but decided instead to take appart and box the Jamis 29er for the trip down with the ToadKing to Florida Wednesday morning since it was, what else, raining. Ride Fl trails wed-Friday morning then head up to Mullberry Gap in Georgia, ride there Fri afternoon and Sat morning then head to Asheville which is only a 3hr drive from there and ride maybe Sat afternoon and Sunday morning. Ride the dirt for as many miles as we can, who knows when we are going to be able to ride the local trails. I know I'm not going to ride them until they are fairly dry, one: I don't want to damage the trails, two: I don't like riding in muddy trails, 3: I don't want to be cleaning my bike after every ride, 4: it leads to broken/damaged parts and money spent, and 5: I'm not going to get hurt this year again riding on wet trails and possibly falling and hurting myself again this year. I've been hurt the last 3 summers and I'll like to at least do a few races this year.  I'll wait until the trails dry aroung here.
Florida here we come.

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