Friday, April 22, 2011

Dead legs

Rode the usual valley loop last night and I had no snap and my legs felt very tired. One of those days where you start wishing you never went out. Maybe it was the hard ride I did on my" fixie that's not fixed" Wednesday night...hmmm. Rode 30 miles going north on the pkwy. Great evening to ride the path, cold and damp. Only a few souls out. Anyway, I was able to hold a decent pace going up the climbs but couldn't accelerate at all. Oh well, I finished the loop and that's what it's important to me.
With the week as wet and cold as it has been I rode the "fixie that's not fixed" twice and I'll probably ride it again today.
I changed to a flat bar instead of the drop bar. You get better leverage going up hills when you stsnd up. Without brake levers yu get no leverage with the drop bars. It's agreat ride and I really enjoy riding it, gives you a good workout.
The river Wednesday night was flowing fast and high, one of the few times I've seen it that high

Even the fords were closed which was nice because the park closes the roads in between the fords.

In other news, vote for John so he can get in the Pisgah MTB race 
It is a contest about bloggies, John, no offense, you are competing against some tough bloggers but you got my vote. I think Dickie my take it but then again, he may not get it just because.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Juan!

    They take the top 2. So Dicky can kick my butt and as long as I come in second I'm happy.

    - John