Monday, April 11, 2011

80's, really?

80's and dry for one day, I'll take it. What a beautiful weekend it was. Saturday was a little cool but I'll take it just as well. Yesterday started with overcast skies but the sun came out for a few hrs and it felt great. I hope there was no accidemts on the roads yesterday. Too many cyclists in shorts after a long weekend with the sun shinning of our legs is dangerous.  Did the Valley city looop after two days of valley riding and climbing hillls: I wanted a big ring easy flat roads ride. It turned out to be more work than I anticipated with the wind blowing at tropical storm force at times. After 50 miles in a little under 3 hrs, I felt like I had done a climbing workout, oh well. This week it doesn't look too bad temps wise but we are supposed to have a few thunderstorms roll in.
Did see another rider on the road yesterday after 12pm dressed like it was 35 degrees outside including booties and wearing a balaclava. I was sweating in short sleeves and shorts and I couldn't believe it, maybe he was expecting the temps to plummet during the ride or something, it was upper 70's when I saw him. Taking the day off after 4 good days of riding to finish a painting a room in the house I started a "few" weeks ago. And oh yes, finish the spanish soap my wife got me hooked on it ends tonight with a two hr. finale (yes, I'm blaming her). And there's even hardly any cleavage showing in this soap which is a surprise because spanish soaps are known for that. I'm just glad is over, I can't take another hr.
Well, we spent a few good hrs watching it and speculating what would happen.

 Thursday, bundled up, to Sunday shorts
 Ho, you need to shave your legs, you look like a caveman.

Well, we spent a few good hrs watching it and speculating what would happen.

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