Saturday, April 23, 2011

Great ride

Met with the depends gang and a bunch of diaper babies at the train station in Brecksville for a 3 hr ride. I parked at the top of Ridge and the parkway for a few extra miles.
The sky didn't look good for a 10am ride.
I rode at an easy pace to warm up since a lot of young tri guys from Team Fresh Start/ Eddies were going to drive the pace. Took off south on Riverview which was closed due to flooding but not to high for the bikes to ride through. We rode at a good pace but not as fast as I thought we were going to move. The pack split off at the covered bridge race course with the tri guys going their way and the depends gang plus a diaper baby going south. We hit Sand Run and a few other roads, climbed a few hills and back to Riverview and up Snowville. On Brecksville rd I bid adieu and headed back to my car. Close to 60 miles and a little over 3  hrs. Good riding and climbing today. Tried about 10 times to get a couple of good riding pics but my angles were all wrong except for the bottom two pics.One of the guys (which will remain nameless) had to make a
pit stop at the Bruggels bagel shop at the end of Riverview. I didn't know what he was doing in there and went in after him and I think my lungs are damaged. When he wants to stop again on another ride, he's going to have to hit the weeds, you better bring wipes the next time, "Henry" or you are going to ride by yourself the next time. I'm short of breath right about now.

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