Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Last night

I'll start with yesterday morning, like 4:30am. Got up got ready and went to the rec ctr for my spinning class. Good class, excellent class since I'm the instructor. Good drive to work, better day at work and a good drive back home. Non eventful day. On to k\last night. Good temps in the high 30's and sun make you feel good. so I got ready and headed down to the park to put in an hour and a half of easy riding. What I forgot was that the park roads had been closed due to flooding and as soon as I rode across 82 I hit a wall of mud that stopped me on my tracks, it took all I had not to let the bike stop. I wasn't going to go home so I turned around and headed east on the road. Going up the hill towards ridge I turn my helmet light on an within 2 minutes it goes off, I forgot to re-charge it the last time I used it. Turned around and did the most sensible thing I thought  off...went home and stuff my face with pizza.
I thought it was the best decision I made in a long time. I thought I had escaped the temptation when I went out to ride even though the smell in the house was intense. And I don't even feel guilty, not a good sign with the left over pizza we have.

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