Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pushing my way out the door

Like I said in my last post, this time of the year I love sunny days but I have to push myself to go out and ride when is this cold. 19 down in the valley this morning on my way to work. I had thoughts of riding to work today until I saw what the low was going to be. I keep telling myself, 1 hr commute, I'll ride everyday to work in 20 degree temps. 2 hr commute...let me think about it. NO, I think I'll wait until at least the temps are over 25 in the morning to start riding to work. I love to see the faces of people at work when I walk in bundled up with lights blinking, half frozen with a smile on my face. Although, over the years (30 to be exact) they have gotten used to see me ride in that way.
Saturday I had a very good ride with Jeff on our MTB's for about 35 miles at a good pace. Sunny, windy and cold.

Beautiful Blue Herron looking for food next to the Towpath
 Sunday my legs were a little fried so I went out on the road SS for an easy ride on the bike path.
It was also very cold. I was loading the bike and a dad and his teenage son pulled their bikes out of the car and went for a ride. I wasn't even finished loading the bike, maybe 5 minutes and they were back, loaded the bikes in the minivan and left. Why yu may ask, very typical for this time of the year, The sun is out, it looks good, lets go out in a thin sweatshirt, no beanie cap, no gloves and ride. I'll leave it at that or I'm going to say something I'll regret later.
Yesterday I went out for a little over an hr and it turned out to be a disaster. When I came back from "La Vuelta" in PR I put the bike back together and went over it like a doctor. Well, I didn't tightened up the handlebar screws and seat post. Guess what, saddle went down the handlebars moved and it didn't happen until I was turning around. Had to ride in a "very" uncomfortable way on my way back.
Note to self, make sure the screws are tight after unpacking and putting together your bike. I'll blame it on the "wife" she probably call me upstairs and took me out of my mojo.
No ranting or nonsense today other that what I just wrote.
Have a great cold sunny day.

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