Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Asheville weekend

We arrived in Asheville Thursday evening, picked up the keys to the house at the bike shop and drove a few miles on the Blue Ridge pkwy. to get to Bent Creek preserve where the house is located. No neighbors no light poles and you have to open a forest gate to get to it. Roll out of bed in the morning and you are on the trails.

I have never seen 7 guys change so fast and be ready to ride in my life. The Cleveland winter has really beat us up real good. 2 hrs later and a lot of climbing and we were back and ready for dinner. One thing about Bent Creek, you climb a lot but there's always a pay off.
We always eat good when we go to Asheville except Friday night, but that's another story.
Friday we picked up Bruce and headed to Pisgah to get beat up. Pisgah was an epic ride. This is where I blew up bad a couple years ago, this time the ride was better, longer and I felt good.

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