Monday, December 13, 2010

Nice weather

With bad weather coming,I'm glad I took advantage of Saturday's "nice" temps and rode for a couple of hrs. Parked at the top of Ridge and the pkwy and took off. Stopped after I crossed 21 to take off  the balaclava and I was dumbfounded when I reached to take my helmet off and...I forgot to put it on. Turned around mad at myself and thought about just going home but I wanted 2 hrs. So, I rode back went down the hill, stopped for a few minutes to talk to Jeff who had just finished his run and ended  up with 30+ and the 2 hrs I was looking for.

Today I got up earlier to do upper body/core work, got ready and headed out the door to turn around after 1 mile. I almost got hit by a ... driver, my car was sliding all over the place. Had enough in just one mile.
so, I came home to this.

Finally, I just sat down to a cup of coffee and enjoy the new lap top we got yesterday and to have a conversation with my buddies at the kitchen table.

Here's a few more winter pics.

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