Friday, December 3, 2010

New Low

I have sunk to the depths of despair. While doing the rollers/trainer or upper body core work in the early, very early morning, like 4:30am, I have watched so many infomercials ranging from "extenze" to "viagra" to the pitchman, sorry forgot his name, about every product available for sale on TV. I watched ESPN, the weather channel for a 45 minutes, old movies, fairly new movies, TDF and Giro  dvd's, local news, you name it I think I have watched them all. Until last night when I came to the realization I was watching "The Cake Boss" for an hour and actually kind off enjoyed it. I mean this guy can really make some cakes. And now he has a another show about bakers competing for a spot in his team. Yes it is a new LOW, watching a "reality show" about a bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. I have really sunk into the abyss way deep into a darkness I didn't know it was there. The only way to climb out is to order a cake with a bicycle theme on it. That's an idea that just may work.

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