Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good week, more ahead

I've been doing a little more that I normally would this time of the year because of La Vuelta at the end of January. A 3 day ride in PR, 155 miles the first day 81 the second and 130 the third day. The ride is divided in 3 groups, "A" riders aka the Hammer Heads 22mph and up, group "B", the mortals, 18+ and group "C" 15+. My plan is to ride with the B group the first day and then try to hang on with the A's the second day  (short day) and slide to group "D" (the slowly Dying ones) by the end of the ride. So far I've been good as far as training and hitting the trainer and rollers at least 5-6 days a week with 2-3 days of morning evening rides. The key is not just to spin but put some intensity into the rides with a lot of short and long intervals. I'm sure with almost 600 riders total my skills as a wheel sucker will come in handy. I've never done this ride but from all the comments I have read it is very well organized with a police escort closing every road for the 3 pelotons to ride non stop. The latest Bicycling magazine has an 8 page spread on it. There's still spots open. Think about it, 3 days of warm weather riding at the end of January. I was lucky that my niece gave me a free entry to the ride since her business was one of the sponsors last year and they were given 4 free entries. Cashed my Delta sky miles and got a round trip for $35.00. But, and this is a big, huge BUT, don't fly Delta unless you have sky miles, while all the other major airlines charge $100 one way for the bike, Delta charges $200. Thanks to my niece and sky miles for the "savings". I haven't missed a spinning class for the last 2 months to pay for the bike.
Have a great day everyone.

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