Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tow path / Mohican riding

With a lot of yard work to do on Saturday, I decided to go for an early ride on the tow path on my road single speed. I had plans to go to the last Neo series race at the knob but I didn't want to keep on posponing the yard work. Who knows how many more nice weekends we are going to have.

It was a great day for an early ride. Many leaf peepers on the trail, there was even a bus full of them at the train station and I had to basically play dodge for the first 3-4 miles.
It was great to see that many people enjoying the trail, but please, move out of the way when you see a bike coming. I almost hit a couple of people even though they see me from a mile away and don't move over. I'm on my side move over to yours.
Lots of woolly bears on the trail. Have to brush up and find out about the color bands again. I forgot what they mean in terms of how our winter weather is going to be if the dark band is wide or narrow or no bands at all.

Got up today at 6am and headed to Mohican to meet Ken at the trail head. Got there at 8 and the sun was just starting to get bright. It was 42 degrees when I got there and 62 when I left. 3 miles into the trail and I had already peeled off layers. The trail was so dry it was hard and bumpy in a lot of places, it almost looked like horses had been on it.
Rode across the covered bridge and since I had not been off road in over a month my back was killing me, I decided to by-pass the steep climb after the bridge and climb the road to the horse trailer paking area at the top and hit the trail again from there. The colors of the leaves when the sun hits them is just amazing. Even the leaves already laying on the trail look beautiful. And thanks to all those leaves on the trail on a fast downhill section covered up with leaves I hit a soft lip and down I went. Skinned off my elbow real good. It didn't look like much until I got to the car and was able to take a good look at it.

And that was with a long sleeve jersey on. Could have been worse without it. Overall, a great sunny dry weekend. Let's hope we get a few more before the cold a wet weather settles in.

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