Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hocking Hills

Have to start saying "My wife" I got a lecture from the boss for calling her "The wife".
Anyway, "the wife" and I drove down to the Hocking Hills area Sunday and spent a night at Ravenwood castle.
 Our son and new daughter gave us a night at this place for helping them during the wedding. The place sits on top of a hill surrounded by trees and nothing else. Very quiet very nice place, it even has a pub style dungeon with beer and wine but because it sits in a dry county, there was no beer or wine for Sunday dinner. Dinner was very good but the portions were on the small side. Breakfast was buffet style and also very good.
On our way home we made a couple of stops at Ash Cave and Cantwell Cliffs for a little hiking. The color of the leaves and the nice warm weather was perfect to spend a great weekend with "the wife".

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  1. Gotta respect "the wife". As the saying goes, if "the wife" ain't happy, life ain't happy. :)