Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time to blog

Haven't had a lot of time to blog lately so I'll try for a long one today.
Training is going great. Trying a new resistance program with your own body weight and it's killing me, at least until I get used to it. Lots of lunges and single leg lifts, dead lifts and using the physio ball a lot. My butt muscles are crying "no mas, por favor". I do all my indoor riding on a trainer all winter long, so I decided to buy rollers,
I tell you, I fell a few times until I got smart and put it on the treadmill and held on to the handles and I was able to get a feel for it. Rollers are to make you spin better, work on your cadence and form on the bike. It's going to take me a while to be able to ride without holding on to the treadmill but I take it as a challenge if I don't break something first.
Friday afternoon to Saturday morning we a pretty good storm blew by that left 10-15 inches of snow in the area depending where you are at. I got up at 6am to get ready for my two spin classes in the morning at the rec Ctr., took a look outside and there was at least two feet of snow in front of my driveway and everybodies driveway on the street. The plow had just gone by and left every driveway buried. I had breakfast and headed out at 6:30 to fire up the snow blower and make my neighbors happy, then I remember that since we've hardly had any snow worth shoveling I had not fill up my gas can. I used the two cycle gas from my weed wacker and leaf blower and if it smokes it smokes, I didn't care, I had to try to drive out I after I cleared a path wide enough to drive out. I showed up at the rec ctr and only 6 brave souls made it to the first class. 11 showed up for the second class out of 16 bikes, not bad considering the road conditions. Aftre the classes I went home had lunch and finish clearing the driveway. No complains here, my friend Juergen had to dig himself out of 36 inches of snow just north of Baltimore. Who's laughing now good ol buddy.

I've never seen 36 inches of snow fall. The most it's been 20 maybe 24, that's a lot of snow. Glad it was you this time. And glad you had the power restored "only" after 5 hours and it didn't last too long.
Finally, even though the high today was only 24 (but sunny) I decided to ride outdoors since some of the guys were going to ride at Hinckley at noon. I showed up around 1:30 since I went to Church in the morning and they were just getting done. Ray decided to stay and ride with me and he end it up with almost 4 hrs for the day. I rode my steel single speed mtb and it worked me pretty good. Ray turned his road mtb to a 1x 9 which I may just do the same to my steel SS. I end it up with 1:43 and a lot of small little hills thanks to Ray. I was planning on just doing laps around the lake but the roads were  icy to even try it.
I felt good today and put in a good effort on the hills trying to keep the cadence up and powering over the top. Afterwards I took a few pictures and headed home to a freshly made batch of chocolate chip  cookies courtesy of my wife. How's that for recovery food.

And a few more pictures of the small waterfall at Hinckley plus the ducks playing in the frozen water.

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