Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Computer meltdown

Had a computer meltdown 2 days ago, everything just went to ... Nothing worked My wife was having a meltdown herself not being able to do her facebook thing. But thanks to me she has a new phone (sprint pixie) that can do all that and more. And she didn't want it, go figure now she can't do without it.

Started a new phase in my training on Monday in preparation for Cohutta and Mohican. Can't believe I did 1:20 on the trainer tonight, mostly high cadence intervals and 20 minutes of climbing with 5 minutes standing up with 30 sec. accelerations every minute. I'm beat I haven't been on the trainer that long in years. I usually last about an hr. but time went fast tonight. Tomorrow is resistance and my spin class in the am with another hr on the trainer. Maybe I'll ride outside tomorrow night the temps have been in the low 30's godd enough for a couple of hrs outside.
Later, thanks for reading.

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