Sunday, February 14, 2010

For today

Coach training plan called for 2:35 on the bike. With the roads a little sloppy with the little snow we had last night and the last few days, any other year I probably would have done a hour on the trainer just to do something. Today I drove to the park pulled the single speed out

got ready and headed out to Berea on the bike path. Two miles down the path I jumped on the road, the path was ok but to icy in some spots and all I need now is to fall and brake something. As it turned out traffic in the park was very light and drivers were very nice. Rode to Wallace lake took a couple of pictures and

turned around. Rode back to route 82 turned around and rode back to the covered bridge and guess what, turned around again and started heading back to the car. Rode past the car for another couple of miles and finally rode back to the car. I only had 1:52 went I hit the parking lot the temps were dropping, (I started at 29 and it was 25) so I decided to do the last 40 minutes at home on the trainer. I was 25 minutes into the last 40 minutes when...believe it or not I bonked hard riding the trainer. First I started losing the rpm's went from 95-100 rpm's to 70-75 and couldn't speed up. I haven't bonked like this in years, yes I have felt weak but never out of it. I started shaking, couldn't stand straight, wow. I don't know how long I sat before I was able to go upstairs and eat a candy bar and a recovery shake. I crawled upstairs took a shower and slid back downstairs and started eating everything within reach. 3 big chunks of meatloaf, (my wife makes a kick a.. meatloaf) half a bag of organic blue chips, 3 big and I mean big scoops of ice cream, which I haven't had any in at least 3 weeks, finished the fruit recovery shake, another candy bar and 2 slices of organic wheat bread with what else, organic jelly and another candy bar. I have to say I feel preety good right now and I'm not feeling guilty for eating that much. I'll be more careful next week, I only had breakfast and nothing else before I went out to ride. I can't believe I was so dumb. Nothing would have happened if I had Hammer heed in the bottles but I went out only with water.

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