Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Day After + ice racing

The Day After bonking on the trainer my legs felt a little heavy all day. I took Monday morning off and hit the rollers for 1 hr at 95-105 rpms. Once I warmed up I felt better. I've been trying to figure out what cause me to feel that way and all I can think off is that I didn't eat anything else after breakfast. I didnt use any heed in the bottles only water but I've done it before. Maybe going from two hrs of riding in the cold to the trainer did something to my body, who knows.
It's been 3 weeks since I started the first phase of my training and I already see changes. Before I would spin at 85-95 for an hr and now I'm doing 95-105 naturally and feeling the same way. Tonight I just hit the trainer for an easy hr of z2 spinning using a 39/23 at 95-102 and never went over 125 bpm. I just wanted an easy spin to lossen up the legs after this morning spinning class.
Which I almost didn't make it, I didn't re-set the alarm and got up at 4:50 instead of 4:06, had to hurry up to make it in time.

On other news some mtbers have been ice racing at Findley State park. I wanted to go last Saturday but had two spinning classes, maybe I'll make it this Saturday.
They are using studed tires in case you are wondering. You can make a pair yourself. Take a couple of old tires and from the inside screw the screws where they protrude out at least 1/4 of an inch. Use duct tape to cover the screws and mount on an old pair of rims and you have a set of winter wheels to fool around. You don't even need gears, make it a single speed ice racer.

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