Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weekend at Bernies, er Javis

Spent the weekend visting my son who works as a Physical Therapist in Columbus.
We stayed in Grove City and apparently the city is making all the new developments that are springing up every where put in bike paths. I rode for 40 minutes each day all over the place.
It was very nice. On one side of the road you have a subdivision and on the other you have farmland, or a golf course.
Saturday we went to German Village for lunch at Thurmonds. This place has been there since 1954 and it used to be the local watering hole. The place only sits about 30-50 people but it's always packed we waited for over 45 minutes. The hamburgers are huge. I have to go back.
There was a baseball tournament in town and it looked like all the teams stayed at our hotel.
Kids and adults walking and talking loud until late at night. That's ok I got up at 6am on Saturday and slammed the stairs door a few times pay back always comes.
Overall we spent a nice weekend with the kids.
Bill one of my sons roomates works as a correction officer and Saturday night decided to spray himself with mace to see how it felt. I'll leave it all to your imagination all I will say is that he jumped in the shower clothes and all. What were you thinking?

My wife, my daughter Jeny and my son's girlfriend, Sarah.

The family with the two of them as usual making faces, never grow up. I'm going to stop posting pictures of myself, darn I look beat up, and all I had was two Guiness beers, the only beer I drink once in a while.

Like I said, never grow up, stay the same.

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