Sunday, June 7, 2009

Reagan Park

Opted to go to Reagan Park in Medina and ride my mtb instead of riding the road. Put in 2 1/2 good hours. Did one lap at almost full gas and an easy one. Summer hours start Monday at work and I'll be riding to work more often, at least 3 times a week. That'll give me between 12-16 hrs of riding in 3 days depending on what route I decide to take home in the afternoon.
I think I'll go back to Reagan for another couple of hours of easy riding. This is a great place, close to everything and the city wants you to come and ride. What a difference, can't say the same thing about the Cleveland Metroparks. Camba has been trying to get them to open some trails for riding and are treated very rudely by the administration. There's only about 3 miles of open trails for mtb's in Cleveland and that's because Camba built the trail themselves. These organization offers their services for free and the Metroparks do not take advantage of it.
In Medina the city doesn't spen the resources on the trail because it is taken care of by the people that ride it. Thanks to Larry, Dustin Clouse and many others for all the hours that they put in there keeping the trails in top shape.
Sorry for the camera movement on the video but is hard to ride with on hand and hold the camera with the other on the trail. I need to get a helmet cam, hmmmmm.

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