Friday, June 5, 2009

Week in review

After Mohican I took Sunday off to rest and do yard work ( it still sucks). Monday I wanted a good couple of hours recovery ride and went to do the Valley City loop with the "HO". On our way back we are riding single file and this *&^lady passes us so close that the hair in my arm felt the static from the car, one more inch and she would have hit me. I yell what the h... are you doing, why did you do that? She stops and starts me up and down. The "HO" said I called her a B... but I don't even remember. She threatens to call the cops and I told her I have a phone too and proceeded to call the cops. After a while waiting at a really bad place on the road I decided is time to move out of there and we ride further up and stop at a driveway while she drives past us turns around and flips me off, what am I to do, I just smiled and blew her a kiss.
Needless to say, the cops never showed up. I think they did called my phone but I was talking to my wife and didn't get the call.
Tuesday I went to the gym to do the weights and my spinning class. Wednesday I just hit the weights again. Thursday morning it ws weights and the last spinning class on Tue and Thur. for tha summer. In the evening the "HO" and I went for a ride down to the valley and we didn't ride too hard but we didn't ride slow either. Did a couple of good intervals going uphill on Snowville and another road that I can't remember the name right now. Today I came home changed and rode down to the rec for the 6pm spinning class. After the class I decided to ride down to the park and take the long way home via the park bike path to W130th. Nice easy ride, I even had time for pictures. Below I posted all the pictures I've been meaning to post for the last few weeks.
Tomorrow is a 3 hour ride on the road bike and maybe Reagan park Sunday afternoon

This is Darren in Australia starting the T-Ford.

The T on the road. Beautiful car. Right hand driving.

I'm always smiling.

Riding down the bikeway

Horse Shoe Pond

The wife and I went for a little hiking at Horse Shoe Pond in Peninsula.

Fixing Ken's chain at Mohican a week before the race. Yep, it was cold.

Getting ready to ride

Horse Shoe Pond

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