Monday, June 29, 2009

Here and there

On my commute to work today a coyote jumped out of the bushes and ran in front of me for about 15 seconds before jumping back in. It was a big one, I struggled trying to pull the camera out but he was gone before I could even turn it on. Then half a mile down the path ( I was on the bike and hike path) a deer jumps out and scared the crap out of me. It was 6 am and every critter was starting to move, lots of birds and rabbits, beautiful day indeed.

Never made it to the Wayne Ultra race yesterday. Training just wasn't there, for the last two weeks I only rode to work 3 times plus the spinning classes. That just wasn't enough for a race as hard as that. My teammate Brett did it and said it was a hard race. All my training now is geard towards Off Road Assault on Mount Mitchell in North Carolina. which I already paid the $100 entry fee, I'm not missing this one.

Spent the weekend working on the picket fence I took it appart last year in September or October when the willow came down and broke a couple of sections. Had it all painted and fixed but never put it up. I almost quit before I started, I couldn't figure out the angles and measurements and was getting agravated at myself.
Sat down for a minute just looking at it and it was just like a revelation, finished that side and started on another 4 sections, scrape, paint and put together again since I take all the sections completely appart. Who knows how long this is going to last, I don't work fast or steady, I work in spurts.

Went out for a couple of rides with the other 3 horsemen, the Rain Ride in Indiana is coming, 160 miles in one day under a relentless sun.
As usual, always smiling
They are not smiling, they are masking the pain.

Riding behind Steve is like having a wall in fron t of you. I hardly pedaled.

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