Monday, August 13, 2012

long overdue

Of course we always say "long overdue post" when we don't blog for a long time.
Is like looking for an excuse why we haven't blog. Does anybody really care?
We've been busy is the first excuse. well what is my excuse, I've been busy, riding, painting, riding, visiting my parents in PR which was a whole adventure.
It started with a taxi ride at 4:30am for a 6:10 flight to Atlanta, "delayed". Finally around 7:30 we boarded just to sit for another hour and a half while they kept telling us that we would be in the air soon. Finally we "de-planed" because we were going nowhere. It so happens that "Pinnacle" a Delta subsidiary was supposed to load the flight plans two weeks before our trip but never did. So they decided to load 100 flight plans all at once and guess what, the computers crash, a ten year old would have known that. 100 flights were cancelled. Then Delta told us that the earliest they could get us a flight was on Friday, it was Wednesday. Before I go on you may think I was mad and unhappy, no, I was quite calm reading my bike magazine while my wife was  about to hurt somebody. She was beside herself pouting like a little kid, but I understood her frustration so I didn't say anything, I didn't want to get hit with a flying purse. A couple next to us missed their flight and connection to Punta Cana.
Anyway, Friday flight, NO way when we were coming back on Monday. We told them, (well, my wife really) to give us our money and sky miles back that we were going home. While on the phone, our flight finally was cancelled and they said that now that the flight was cancelled they could help us get on another flight. It just so happened that we could board in 30 minutes next to the gate we were at.
Our flight back was also moved one day. We were supposed to have been at my parents around 5pm. we finally made it at 10:30pm the same day. Not bad but it was a very long day. We were eating oatmeal at midnight that day, both my wife and I had a taste for it. The rest of the trip was spent at my parents or visiting and as usual the last night was spent in Old San Juan. I love that place, blue cobblestones, 400 year old buildings, great restaurants, a Coach and Dooney purse stores to keep the wife happy and simply a great place to just lose yourself walking around.
Here's some pics.


Fresh, right of the boat.

The view from the restaurant.

A visitor at the restaurant.

While walking down a small alley to get to a reataurant my wife says, I recognize that voice. it so happens it was Sabrina Soto from HGTV. And of course my wife had to have her picture taken with her.

The entrance to the walled city back in the days. Very steep climb and at the very end is the Cathedral where they would go in kiss the floor and give thanks for a safe passage across the ocean

The Governors mansion

Pigeon square

What a 400 year old chain looks like.
The cobblestones are actually the ballast that the ships used to cross the ocean. they didn't need it on the way back since thay were full after plundering the new world.
I'm thinking about going back soon and maybe do La Vuelta again.

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