Thursday, August 30, 2012

didn't know...

Ok, I saw this nice watch in Clean Snipe and it looked big enough for me to see it when my eyes get tired on the bike or anywhere else. the yellow band also made me think of the cancer bands. I figured, 1 shot, two birds.
Yeah, it looks like Big Bird should wear it.
Anyways, the UPS guy shows up at the door and my wife inmediately asks him if he has our address as an automatic delivery!!
I'm all exited opening the box to get my  new watch out and when I do the wife says, "what in the world is that thing" My feelings where hurt until I put it next to the one I wear now.

It is that big. I'm going to be the guy they all point at on the trail and laugh.
Even the Zen Man was making fun of it.

Speaking of the trail, after a good two weeks of riding upping my mileage and intensity i went for an "easy" ride last night and had absolutely "nothing" in the tank. The legs finally said "i've had enough.
A fat man on a rigid fork huffy would have passed me and laugh at me while passing. I think a fat woman on a hybrid would have kicked my butt last night. since tha trail opened I have never used the small ring on my 2 x 10 because the trail doesn't call for it on amy section. Last night was the first time, my legs could not turn the pedals. I rod efor 41 minutes and went home with my tail between my legs.
Hopefully my legs are recovered for marking the race course for Manatoc tonight.

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