Monday, July 30, 2012

Week, Friday, Weekend

Still on the mend, letting the ribs heal like they are supposed to, not a lot of long rides. All I've been doing is short rides of 1.5 to 2 hrs. mostly going to the local trail on my single speed and just having fun.
Friday was my long day at the office so I had to work all day instead of having half or a full day off.
my lovely co-workers were so nice to send me the picture below to let me know what they were doing on their Friday afternoon off.
As you can see, they are real "good" to me.
The weekend was more of the same with spin classes on Saturday and finally some much needed rain.
The problem with that, I'll have to cut the grass now. In 8 weeks I've cut the grass 3 times only because it grows in the spots were you water your flowers.
Sunday was a good 2.5 hrs on the bike with a couple of hot laps at the trail, which I'm not suppposed to do. Do I really want to heal!!!!!
Wednesday I'm flying with the wife to PR to visit my parents for a few days of rest if I can find it.
Thought about taking the single speed and doing a 100K off road race in my hometown on Sunday but Delta charges $200 each way for a bike. It's better I don't do it anyways, my fitness is not good. I don't like to race unless I feel I'm prepared.

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