Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Humid Morning

This morning was the first time I rode to work since late May. With summer hours over at work I don't have to get up at 4am to ride to work. I can sleep in another hr. wohoooo. Believe me that hr makes a big difference. I can get up at 5am with not much trouble, but getting up at 4am it's hard. My alarm would go off and I would just turn over and sleep.
This morning ride was one of the slowest commutes I've had in years. I was in pain from the get go, my legs didn't want to turn the cranks. It was so humid I was soaked 15 mins. into the ride. I really picked a great day too, it rained last night roads were wet, it's raining right now and more showers later this afternoon. It is now 1:50pm. I put the fenders on last night because nothing was going to stop me from riding in. I need long rides, many of them. I'm so far behind mileage wise a 3hr ride hurts.  But you know what, I can ride and I'm happy I can. Pain and all I loved the ride in this morning. It reminded me why I love being on a bike early in the morning.
Get out and ride.

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