Saturday, February 19, 2011


Long week at work, fair week training wise. Hit Hinckley lake for laps on Wednesday. 3 miles around the lake of short punchy climbs and you get and excellent workout. Hit 4 of the climbs hard and rest in between. Ended up with 6 laps. I'll increase by 1 or 2 next week.
The temps have been great but dropping again into the 30's today and rain and or snow for tomorrow. Last night the wind was howling but went out for a ride anyways. Hit the path north from Strongsville and there was only a few runners on the trail taking advantage of the warm temps. It always surprises me how the direction of the wind can change in a minute when riding there, it just swirls and changes directions constanly.
On the way out and back I had both head and tail wind. Riding the single speed was a bit hard at times if you got hit with a wind gust and I'm glad I rode the path because a few times it pushed me all the way across into the grass or left over snow/ice. You don't really want to be on the road and get pushed by the wind across the road with headlights coming straight at you.
Planning on riding the new Jamis 29er for the first time today to dial in my position.

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