Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stuck in Atlanta

My flight to JFK was cancelled cause the weather, got re-routed to Atlanta and 2 connecting flights to Cleveland were cancelled. This airport is so big the Captain tolds us after landing that we had a 5 mile trip to the gate.  I'm here spending the night at a Clarion hotel watching tv. Wake up call at 6am and catch a flight at 9:50. I may get stuck here again tomorrow, who knows. Can't wait to get home and hug my wife.

Safe, tired, sunburned with a head cold in Atlanta.


  1. If you are stuck in Atlanta and have the time, check out the Aquarium (good food as well).

  2. Would have loved to. Didn't have time late flight in early flight out. But thanks for the tip I'll stop for one day next time we drive to Florida.