Thursday, October 8, 2009

A simpler way of riding

With all the rage on riding single speed bikes we forget ( at least some of us) that we grew up riding SS bikes. I grew up riding to the beach almost everyday during the summers and having a lot of fun. Back then we looked at distances with a lot more respect that we do today. Riding 10 miles back then (60's, 70's) felt like riding 50+ miles today, at least that's what I remember. But it was fun riding around town in and out of traffic, jumping curbs and creating havoc around the neiborhood and having people yell at you for being young and stupid. Yes, it was a much simpler way of riding your bike without thinking about training, what wheels should I use today, what jersey, what shorts, lycra or baggies. I want and old bike like the one I had back then. Randy sent me a picture of the same bike, same paint job I had back then. Woudn't you want to be young and riding this again.

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