Friday, June 29, 2012

40 days

It had been 40 days since the last time I rode my road bike, since I'm the all day person at the office today and my start time is 8:30, it was time to ride the road. I've been riding off road almost everyday at the new trail since TSE. I try to put in 2hrs every time I ride there and just enjoy the trail. Riding fairly easy letting the ribs heal. Yeah, with a rigid fork on the single speed bouncing all over the place, yeah, they are going to heal fast.
Anyways, I rode last night at the trail and Ross had just finished a few hard laps with Steve T. and we rode together for a lap. The place is great, as hot as it was yesterday, it's always 5-10 degrees cooler in there and no sun, the entire trail is under the canopy. I even had a Sam Adams Summer Ale at the end of the ride. Had it packed very nicely in ice and it tasted great after a hot ride.
The ride today was warm from the begining, but riding through the Bedford reservation is one of my favorire routes. I like to stop at the overlook for a few minutes and just take it all in. The pic doesn't show how nice the place is.

Road kill. Probably came out to the warm pavement and got run over.

Lots of painting tomorrow getting the house ready for all the visitors that are coming for the wedding.
I'll still find a couple of hrs in the day to hit the trail.

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